The spirit of the conference is to engage in deep explorations and questions rather than ready answers and even when a solution is being offered, see the same with a spirit of openness. The objective of the conference is to explore various aspects of aesthetics - its formation, conditioning, politics, connection with culture and ways of teaching design pedagogy, the ambience for learning.

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Jointly Organised by

Indian Institute of Architects

Calicut Centre

The Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) is the national body of Architects in the country. Having started in the year 1917, the institute today has more than 15000 members. The Institute has a major role to play in promoting the profession of architecture by organising and uniting in fellowship the Architects of India to promote aesthetic, scientific and practical efficiency of the profession both in Practice and in Education. IIA is represented on vario us national and international committees connected with architecture, art and the building industry.

IIA, Calicut Centre, is a very active centre under Kerala chapter. With its flagship events, like CROSSROADS and Design STREET build expos, IIA Calicut Centre is actively playing a major role in connecting the architecture community and the general public. Through its various social and public initiatives, IIA Calicut centre have been addressing several urban and public concerns. The conference is a part of continuous education initiatives of the centre joining hands with several premium institutes.

Department of Architecture

NIT Calicut

The National Institute of Technology Calicut is a technical institution of national importance set in a picturesque landscape at the foothills of the Western Ghats and located about 22 kilometers north east of Calicut City.

Department of Architecture, NIT Calicut
The Department of Architecture provides a strong academic platform for the aspirant architect to leave an enduring impression in the field of architecture and design. This calls for an attitude for research, exploration and evaluation to authenticate the work of design. Great are the thoughts that moved the world, greater are the perpetuators of these thoughts. The Department of Architecture strives to reach these goals.

Existential knowledge foundation


Existential knowledge foundation is an initiative to understand the existential -the eternal, universal and immediate- basis of knowledge, biological roots of beauty and ethics. It is an endeavor to know the perceptual and behavioral; the idea and its practice. This is in response to the cognitive crisis brought about by the decontextualized and fragmented knowledge system being promoted by modernity, which is leading to the alienation of man from himself and nature.

Organising Committee

Conference Chairs

Ar. Brijesh Shaijal
IIA Calicut Centre
(+91) 93888 83600
Dr. Naseer M A
Head, Department of Architecture
National Institute of Technology, Calicut
(+91) 94955 34242
Mr. Jinan K B
Founder Member
Experiential Knowledge Foundation, Pune
(+91) 94471 21544

Committee Members

Ar. A K Prasanth
IIA Calicut Centre
Ar. Vinod P Cyriac
IIA Calicut Centre
Ar. Anita Choudhuri
IIA Calicut Centre
Ar. Vivek P P
IIA Calicut Centre
Ar. Nishan M
IIA Calicut Centre
Ar. Noufal Hashim
IIA Calicut Centre
Ar. Sivaram
IIA Calicut Centre
Ar. Roshan George
IIA Calicut Centre
Dr. P P Anil Kumar
Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, NIT Calicut
Ar. Chithra K
Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, NIT Calicut
Dr. MohammEd Firoz C
Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, NIT Calicut
Ar. Bimal P
Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, NIT Calicut
Ar. Namratha Radhakrishnan
Faculty, Department of Architecture, NIT Calicut
Ar. Lakshmi Manohar
Faculty, Department of Architecture, NIT Calicut

Advisory Committee

Ar. Nimish Patel
Principal Architect, Abhikram, Ahmedabad
Padmashree Laila Tyabji
Chairperson, Dastkar, New Delhi, India
Prof. Raja Mohanty
Professor, IDC, IIT Mumbai, India
Prof. S Balram
Industrial Designer, Author, India
Ar. Zaheer Aalam
Architect Researcher, Mauritius
Mr. Pawan Gupta
Society for Integrated Development of Himalayas, Mussorie, India
Mr. Ajith Basu
CEO, Agastya International Foundation, India
Ar. Sashikala Anant
Architect, Tamil Nadu, India
Ar. Mona Doctor Pingel
Architect, Auroville, Pondicherry, India
Mr. Ravindra Sharma
Artist and Philosopher, Kala Ashram, Hyderabad, India
Ms. Purnima Rai
Architect designer, Delhi Craft Council, India
Ar. Ana Perdigao Antunes
Architect, Portugal
Dr. Sangeetha Menon
Professor and Head, Consciousness Studies Programme, National Institute of Advanced Studies, IISc, Bangalore

Chief Patron

Dr. Sivaji Chakravorti

Director, NIT Calicut