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‘Reimagining Aesthetic Unfolding – From Conditioning to Awakening’

2nd International Conference on Design Pedagogy and Contextual Aesthetics (ICDPCA)

The visual experience of modern spaces all over the world is beginning to look alike. Until last century, we have had diverse cultures with distinct ways of life and fitting aesthetic sensibilities. The homogenization of human cultures is one of the biggest challenges of modernity to be addressed by both academia and practice. The real issue is to understand how aesthetic sensibilities as manifested by the things they make and the spaces they employ are inextricably linked to the cultural context.

Jointly Organised by

Indian Institute of Architects

Calicut Centre

Department of Architecture

NIT Calicut

Existential knowledge foundation


Keynote Speakers

Call for Papers

‘The spirit of the conference is to engage in deep explorations and question rather than ready answers. Even when a solution is being offered seeing the same with a spirit of openness’

Globalisation and Homogenization of Cultures: Modernity and Rootlessness

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Learning from Diversity: Tradition and Cultural Rootedness: Recollecting the Past

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Search for Authenticity: Not for Alternatives

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Rethinking Foundation: Connecting with the Context: Shifting from Social Responsibility to Cultural Responsibility

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Important Dates

Call for papers open

5th September 2016


25th November 2016


30th November 2016


30th December 2016


10th November 2016

Conference Date

19th, 20th & 21st January 2017

Program Schedule

Please find detailed schedule of the event here


An all India students competition

01. Do you know any person, who is true to the traditional knowledge, and creative? Any one who is strive to safeguard the traditional knowledge system, against the immense pressure of modernization? Let it be any field, architecture, painting, dance forms, music, pottery, farming… Document their work, their way of working, their philosophy, approach to work, inspirations for their creativity etc.
02. Do you know of a building, or a product, which is of recent origin, has preserved the traditional rootedness, and innovative? Document the building or product.
03. Do you know of a building, or a product, which is of historical origin, which got spoiled by a recent careless intervention? Document the building/product, with its history, the present – day usage, what exactly spoiled the traditional character, what was the reason for the intervention etc.

Competition Guidelines

Each team of maximum 5 students can any one of the three inquires . The shortlisted documentations will be given an opportunity to present live on January 19th, 2017 at Thanima conference to be held at NIT Calicut. The best presentations will win fellowships for ongoing research apart from certificates and mementos.

Important Dates

Preliminary proposal submission: 5th Jan 2017 (Max of 5 A4 sheets)

Live presentations: 19th Jan 2017 (min 2 panel sheets in A2 size and PowerPoint size)

For further inquiries and submissions:
+91 8891 000580 / +91 9846 440 686 |


National Institute of Technology Calicut
Kozhikode – 673601, Kerala, India